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December 6 - 6PM - El Reno, Oklahoma

Middlesworth Lot 14
9106 - 2009
Trigger x MVP
Bred to Ratchet - "Dirty 30 x Fate"
Approximate Due Date - January 30

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We have always tried to haul a solid set to the Industry's Elite. This year we blew right past solid and we are offering the best set of ewes we have ever offered. No better way to lead off this powerful trio than with a Trigger daughter that has made good ones every year. We lambed her for the 1st time in 2011 and she had our Dynamic Diva that year that ended up at BJ Wrights and is now in his donor pen. In 12' she laid down and had a Pony ewe lamb that was one of, if not the best, ewe lamb we raised that year. She easily found her way to the keeper pen. We wised up and let Crawford pull some eggs out of her in 13', yielding 4 Dirty keeper ewes. She went to Fuzzy for her natural lamb that year and surprise surprise another keeper was born. She was flushed again in 14' and had yet another keeper ewe out of "13" and a wether that wins a county in Iowa. Her two natural Lou wethers are split between Texas and Oklahoma and are damn good. 

To say she has mating versatility is an understatement, 6 different bucks in 4 years with every one of them yielding 1 or more replacement. It's ewes like this that you can build a ewe family around, and what better way to start than with a set of "Ratchets". We think Ratchet is the best one we have ever made and have so much confidence in him he serviced 250 head at our house. It's hard to go wrong with one as predictable as this bred to a buck as good as Ratchet. There are good ones inside of her, so make sure she's at your place when they hit the ground.

"Ratchet" - Dirty 30 x Fate
9106's Service Sire
Dynamic Diva Ewe
2012 Daugther of 9106




Allen Lot 15
P68 - 2010
Bonafide x LSU
Bred to Ratchet - "Dirty 30 x Fate"
Approximate Due Date - February 28th

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Hard to really know where to start on this one. Will tell you this, if you aren't in to making money this ones not for you... In only 3 lamb crops this one's gross sales have already hit $35,000. She bred for the 1st time in 12' with a single wether that went to Hargrove in Texas. In 13' we added her to the flush program, she didn't have big numbers but all 4 of her Fuzzy ET babies where studs. Two of them went into the keeper pen, one of the males sold intact to Rule Sheep Company, and the other was shown by Toree Fraze and was named Middleweight Champion at Arizona National. Her 2 natural males out of Puma were shown at Denver and sold as a ram to Nebraska. This past year she dumped out another 6 flushed to Fowl and made another powerful set. We kept 2 of the females and Kent Williams got the remaining one off the farm, and she sold wethers to Brian Riley and Bob Ritema. Her remaining male was purchased off the farm by Droppert/McKinney and entered their buck battery under the name "Free Bird". This one's build easily lends itself to be paired with Ratchet. She's as stout as you can make one and with Ratchet's freaky body shape and awesome skeleton it wouldn't be out of the question to break $50,000 in 4 years with the babies inside this one. 

"Ratchet" - Dirty 30 x Fate
P68's Service Sire
"Free Bird" - Droppert Sire
2014 Son of P68
Ch Middlweight - AZ National
2013 Son of P68




Kennedy Lot 16
Green 59 - 2010
Dog x Showbox
Bred to Ratchet - "Dirty 30 x Fate"
Approximate Due Date - January 29

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We stumbled upon this one at Mike Hindman's late in the summer of 2010. She was a skinny little thing that was built right and bred even better so we decided to take a chance. We sent her to Colby Impson and she wins the lightweight ewe class at OYE at 108 pounds and ended up in the top ten overall. We obviously didn't expose her to lamb in 2012, but she came out firing in 2013 Making a Donk wether that Kamden Urban got in the sale in Denver and a ewe that went into the keeper pen. We thought enough of those two she found herself in the donor pen for 14'. We bred her to Puma and she dumped out 7 embryos and we got 5 pregnancies. 2 wethers went to Fishers in Idaho with one ending up Reserve at the Western Idaho State Fair, and the other winning a class. Her other wether was sent to Texas slated for a major, Titus snuck one of the ewe lambs out, and we kept another. We bred her back to Twister naturally and she had a pair of ewe lambs late in April that we kept. She was slated to be flushed again but due to her late lambing we scratched that idea and decided to offer her up in El Reno. There will be few if any bred like this offered up ever again, and when you combine it with what Ratchet brings to the table you have a genetic phenom being created inside this one. Make sure you check her out next weekend, she will make you great ones! 

"Ratchet" - Dirty 30 x Fate
Green 59's Service Sire
Res - Western ID State Fair
2014 Son of Green 59's
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