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Industry'se Elite Online Bred Ewe Sale
December 5 - 6PM
El Reno, Oklahoma - Canadian County Fairgrounds

Sonogram information is to be used as a helpful tool and not a guarantee.

Lot 7
Sire: Stud Duck
Dam: P36 Stitzlein (Cabaniss 185)
DOB: 2010

Bred to Fowl
Approx. Due Date: February 12
Approx # of offspring: Single+

If you checked out our bred ewes sold so far this year you have noticed we have let a lot of younger ewes go. We decided to catch another gear and pull a set out that are as proven as any in the country and as stout bred as you will encounter even in El Reno. A303 is the twin sister to the female responsible for making the "Fictitious" ram Heath Williams has had so much success with, as well as Berry’s "Foul Ball" ram. I'm not opening with this because A303 herself doesn't have enough accolades, because that's not the case. Her first baby went to Sedalia as a ram and was purchased by Keitzer. Her second years Blast Off ewe lamb got us excited enough that A303 went to the flush pen where she was mated to Fowl and made Hickey’s Decoy ram and a keeper ewe. Her Warm and Fuzzy natural ewe lamb also went into the keeper pen that year. We flushed her to Puma in 14' and Johnson family got a wether that did some winning in Wisconsin, and we also gained two more keeper ewes. She lambed to Ratchet this past year and sold another wether to Iowa. We took her back to Fowl for 16' lambs, this has proven to be a stud making combo both ewe and ram wise.

Her athletic build lends itself to longevity and her stoutness and has proved to make great ones. We think there is loads of potential and years left in this things production life. She's about a good a one as we have ever let go, make sure you check her out. 
A303's Service Sire
A303's Puma Son
A303's Twin's Offspring
"Foul Ball"
A303's Twin's Offspring






Lot 8
Purple 84
Sire: Stud Duck
Dam: P40 Stitzlein (Chilly)
DOB: 2011

Bred to Fowl
Approx. Due Date: February 10
Possibility if lambing before January 18th, she'd be bred to Shower Chicken.
Approx. # of offspring: Twins

Stud Duck ewes have a proven track record of being solid females for us. You throw in the Chilly on the bottom side of this ones lineage and there shouldn't be a question as to why this one is good looking and also makes show winners and stud rams. 

P84 is hard to part with but her 8 replacements out of Pony, Fowl, and Chicken make it easier to stomach. Those 8 aren't just run of the mill replacements, one of the Fowls won the Belt Buckle for Toree Fraze before hitting the replacement pen and I'd be willing to bet one or more out of the group will hit the donor pen soon. She's far from just a female producer though, her 2013 13 sired male was Neff and Smithwicks buck pick at our place, and two other 13 wethers the following year got along at OYE. 

She was AIed to Chicken and thrown in natural with Fowl. Her ultrasound data has her on the bubble of going either way, we hope to have updated sonogram info to give a more accurate service sire at El Reno. Either way though, this one will lay down and have a good one we can almost guarantee that. 
P84's Service Sire
Grand-Belt Buckle
P84's Fowl Ewe
"Duck Commander"
P84's 13 Son






Lot 9
Green 51
Sire: Troubador
Dam: Cinch 33
DOB: 2010

Bred to Birthday Pony
Approx. Due Date: January 15
Approx. # of offspring: Single+

This big ol sow is built like a Sherman tank, she is as wide and stout as any that will sale this year and as proven to boot. For starters we have 3 ewes already retained one out of 13, Chicken, and Puma. Her first lamb she ever put on the ground, out of Bird, went to Sedalia in 12' and was named the reserve cross ram and sold to Idaho for $3750. She also sent one of the wildest built animals I've ever seen to Reno in 14' out of Puma and she sold for $3500 to California. Her flush this year had some degenerates and didn't yield like we wanted but still made another $3500 Chicken ewe lamb we sold in our first farm bid sale. 

It was a no brainier to sort her to the new Polar stud "Birthday Pony" as his unique body shape combined with her width should yield a great one. She might not look it but she has a functional bag, she had a little healing issue after being flushed and has some extra drop in front of her bag, but she raised lambs and milked with no issue in 15'. She probably needs flushed again so if you are looking to fill a spot in your flush pen she could come in and be the alpha for you. 
"Birthday Pony"
Green 51's Service Sire
Green 51's Puma E
"Big Bird"
Green 51's Bird B
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